A Few Pro Bouts announced for C43, Tickets Go on Sale

It has been a busy week for Conflict MMA. With a handful of announced Pro fights for the June 24th card, several potential matches AND the release of ticket sales to the public, C43 is ready to hit front and center in the Southeast MMA 2017 calendar. With June coming up fast, be sure to follow us on all your favorite social media apps, as well as right here at ConflictMMA.com for the best and latest Conflict news.

For any of you fans who missed the fight announcements, we have them here for you as well as the link to C43 TICKETS! With a starry line up of elites, title fights and contenders; there is no question that the return of Conflict MMA is going to kick off some of the best MMA shows through 2017!


Adrian Henderson VS Brandon Sayles
Nathan Williams VS Aalon Cruz – 145 title fight
Tim Goodwin VS Seth Marquez
Solon LaVonne Staley VS TBD
Robert Hale III VS Warpath Wesley
John Sweeney VS TBD


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