A New Years Preview of Conflict MMA in 2017

With just a few hours left to go until 2017 is upon us, we wanted to drop a little info on what we thought of this year and some of the new things YOU can expect from Conflict in 2017.

This year, Conflict MMA had an amazing influx of new fighters, champions and fans. We saw many of our professionals take the leap onto the big stages of MMA; and even some of our amateur greats finally make the change over to Pro. From Conflict 34 to 42, we had epic fight nights all over the Southeast that continued to energize and embolden all of what makes our MMA promotion so fantastic; great people and loyal MMA fans!


2017 promises to be an even bigger year. Conflict shows are so often and on such a scale that it takes most everyone involved to come together to create the unique fight nights you have come to love. Now, we are turning our attention to the inner details to shine up the entire experience into one you will return to again and again, fight night after fight night. From simple changes, such as adding new daily social media information and access to branching out into whole new areas of influence to bring the fans even closer to the action and everything they love about a Conflict event.

We want to bring you our entire fight catalog, from the very first time the Conflict bell rang all the way to our latest show. We want to offer you legit weight class rankings, histories of titles, photo collections, best of series, and much more for fans that just can’t get enough at the live events. We want to add a whole new way to watch our cards, including exclusive and top quality HD streaming of events for when you just cant make it to the crowd! We want all of our fans and future supporters to never miss their favorite fighters or venues, and have a ton of access to what we have done for when they discover new fighters and events. Recently discovered you love Adrian Henderson or say Alexa Conners? Well, 2017 should be bringing you the chance and ability to watch all of their fights, as far back as the first time the cage door closed behind them.

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New ways to follow us, more convenient ways to experience our shows and fighters, and plenty ahead to ensure you never miss another Conflict show or headline again!

We also have entirely new ways in which our cards will be shown, and many more “secrets” you will just have to wait until 2017 to see. What I can tell you now is that it truly is an amazing time to be a Conflict fan or fighter, for this next year is bound to swing the doors wide open into your favorite MMA promotion; Conflict!

So, from all of us in the Conflict MMA family, we hope your 2016 was fantastic and that your 2017 is even better. If you’re sticking with us, you already know 2017 is destined to be one of the best for local MMA in a long time.

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