Conflict 42: The Pro’s Head to Charlotte

Conflict 42 is about two weeks from landing in the Carolina Courts for an intense night of classic Conflict clashes. Headlined by Rodney Wallace VS Julio Gallegos, the Pro side of C42 promises to bring the level of athleticism, precision and excitement that only the professionals can. With a fantastic mix of fighters from all over the Southeast, fight fans from all over the Low Country and beyond will be entertained by fighters they know, cheer the ones they love, and discover new ones to follow; fight night after fight night.

We recently did a great spotlight feature on Wallace Vs Gallegos, so CHECK THAT OUT HERE if you haven’t already. C42 is packing one HELL of a Main Event! You can also check out fight card updates for C42 HERE or HERE, and of course be sure to make a daily part of your MMA routine!

With that in mind, it’s time to take a bit of a closer look at some of the announced professionals headed to Charlotte on November 12th for an unforgettable night of fights, finishes and fun with Conflict MMA!

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Co-Main Event: Joseph Creer VS Jeremy Pickett

Joseph Creer Vs Jeremy Perdue is one of those fights that deserves the Co-Main slot, if for no other reason, because of the fire it is bound to bring. We have a ton of talent in this Georgia VS North Carolina bout, and there is absolutely no telling where this fight will go once the cage door closes. 14877086_10154592626934098_1600505401_n

In one fighter, Joseph Creer, we have a quick fighter who is excellent on the ground, with his counters, and knows how to tread into the deep water rounds with speed. We have seen his slick submission game from standing, transition, and on the mat; a theme of his MMA career. His ability to stand-and-trade makes him dangerous up close, and his endurance has made him infamous for fast paced wars that end early or go all the way to the cards. Creer is certainly a former champion on the rise in the Pro game of the Southeast.

In his opponent, Jeremy Perdue, we have a fighter who knows how to go out there and take a man out. He has made KO victories a staple in his fights, and is no doubt looking to bring that same finishing power to this fight in his home state. Perdue finished his last opponent in just 0:22 seconds into the first round, another Co-Main event fight here in the Southeast. On November 12, Perdue will certainly be looking to make his Conflict MMA debut a big one, and his power and tight stand up game may put him on the map come fight night. A win over Creer would be a big statement inside the Conflict ranks.


Jamie Pickett VS Rashaun Spencer

Arguably the fight on C42 with the most “fight experience” and cage time, Pickett Vs Spencer is a battle of vetted Professionals. Having 27 fights between them, there is no shortage of experience or skill when this fight kicks off the Main Spotlight. If there is a “sleeper” fight on this card, Pickett VS Spencer is the one to keep your eye on. This explosive match has all the potential to be an instant classic, and launch the winner into one hell of a spotlight in 2017.

Firing out of North Carolina, Jamie Pickett is hardly a stranger to the Low Country fight scene or topping great MMA cards. Riding a five fight win streak into C42, four of them stoppages, Pickett is poised to make yet another big impression on Southeast fight fans, and show Conflict fans what he is all about. Having recently won a defended a Pro title with NLFC, headlining events in South Carolina, and knocking guys out left and right, Jamie Pickett may become a fan favorite on Nov 12th if things go his way once it’s time to “get it on.”

For Rashaun Spencer, dealing with power strikers is no problem. He is known over the course of 17 fights to be an iron jawed fireball of cardio, with a sneaky submission game that strikes anytme his opponent makes a mistake. Although his resume is peppered with impressive sub wins, he has won his fair share of knock outs as well, and is known for intelligent strategy when in trouble or in later rounds. A smart fighter who has proven he can finish a fight anywhere, Spencer is tailor made to make this fight an incredible one, and walk out with a huge win.


CJ Murdock VS Aaron Quade


Making his Conflict AND Pro debut on Nov 12th, former BCB Fight Champion CJ Murdock steps up to start his Pro career with a bang in Charlotte. North Carolina’s own, Murdock had an impressive 6-3 run as an amateur, including four title fights and a wicked about of submission victories. His triangle choke is lethal, as are his set ups on the mat and standing, all things that will add to the Pro style excitement of C42. Murdock is a fast fighter, pushing the pace and threatening his opponent at all times. He has faced some tough opponents, including winning and defending titles against legit competition, and in two weeks he will look to bring that success and impressive style over into the world of Pro MMA.

Aaron Quade is also new to the Pro Game, after going 5-2 in an amateur career that saw him win titles of his own and impress Low Country fight fans along the way. Hailing out of Georgia, Quade has made a name for himself in the Atlanta fight community, most notably competing for the NFC and Legacy FC. He brings a grinding, fueled paced to his fights; the sort of attack that feels relentless and saps his opponents as the seconds tick by. He is patient with his submission and grapple game, and knows how to be smart when it’s time to fire as well. He has proven he can win a fight with will or skill, and look for Quade to make this one unforgettable come fight night.


Harold Hubbard VS Garrick James


Harold Hubbard is the man with the hands. We all love fighters who get out there and bang, and Conflict fans will no doubt love Hubbard when the bell calls on the opening round. An explosive fighter that constantly presses the action, Hubbard’s entire Pro fight career has been KO finishes. Win or lose, there is a certain energy fighters like Hubbard bring to any fight night; pulling the crowd along with each strike and every crucial moment. Not without a ground game in his arsenal, expect the unexpected when Harold Hubbard closes the distance on his opponent at C42.

His opponent, Garrick James, is more than prepared of an absolute war of power and attrition. Known for his ability to outlast his opponents, whether it be stamina or chin, James is one of these fighters that seems hard to put away. The kind of fighter that is always one moment from sealing the deal, and this style has garnered him victories with stoppages and especially on the cards. His intelligent pacing makes him an enthralling challenge for any Pro fighter, and Conflict 42 is the perfect opportunity for him to showcase his unique style to a whole new army of MMA fans.

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