Conflict 45 Augusta Official Fight Card


Conflict MMA return to ring the Bell in downtown Augusta, GA! That’s right fight fans, the beautiful Bell Auditorium is once more on the verge of being overrun by one of the best fight nights of the year! Conflict fans and fighters merge into one, creating the perfect night of action…and one that will certainly be placed among the best of 2017. Studded with some of Georgia and the Carolinas best, C45 in Augusta is ready to set fire to the South with Pro and Amateur fights guaranteed to set the Bell Auditorium on fire!

Get your tickets now, sign up over at and meet us in Augusta, GA for another night of classic Conflict action!


Jason Faglier VS James Dunn
Josh Millwood VS Anthony Babcock
Cavin Sunkins VS Josh Cumbee
Ernest Robinson VS Josh Wesley
Joel Madak VS Joe Gibson
John Martin VS Eddie Holloway
Tim Hester VS Holton Manly
Amberly Murphy VS Kyla Crissman
Malcolm Wellmaker VS Sheldon Capdepon
Joel Faglier VS Logan Scott
Dalton Sapp VS Ben McCoig

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