Jason Screen prime for Conflict 46

Conflict 46 returns to The Music Vault on OCT 14th to bring more classic Fight Club fire just across the GA line in Hardeeville, SC. Some of the best Conflict fight nights have gone down inside the Music Vault, and C46 looks to continue that tradition of hardcore action inside the cage.

Part of that explosive action will be Guyton, Georgia’s own Jason Screen, returning to the Conflict cage for another thrilling fight. We had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Screen this week before the entire Conflict army descends on the Low Country once more to blow the roof off The Music Vault. Join us for this C46 Fight Week exclusive with Jason Screen, and be sure to grab those tickets HERE as we close in on Saturday night!




Jason Screen, a pleasure to sit down with you once more. How are you, and how’s Fight camp as we close in on Conflict 46?

Hey guys, fight camp has been perfect. We are peaking at the right time, this close to the fight. I’m ready to go.

Fight week can be more hectic than the fight at times. Who are some of the coaches and team mates helping you prepare to be your best when the cage door closes at The Music Vault?

First, I want thank Swann’s rentals and sales, Elite Sports and Kevin Exley for opening the doors for us. My team, TFC(The Fight Center), Robbie Collum leading us in training and pushing us to the limits. Rob Collum handling all the stuff I hate, and keeping the energy up. Jamie Day tweaking techniques and keeping our minds right. Josh Cumbee we compete, fight, and hug it out everyday. Stephen Bass, Bryce, Savannah Gracie Jiu Jitsu.

You’re a fan favorite on any Conflict Card. Tell me what you excited for this one to get out there and showcase what you can do?

Just that; showcase my skills. You do all this work in training camp and you don’t get to see the results until the fight. So Saturday is that time.

Is there anyone on this killer card that you can’t wait to see Fight? If so, what are your predictions for their bout?

The 135 title fight looks like a good one. I dont know who’ll win, but I’ll be watching.

If there is one difference between your last fight and this one, what do you hope or believe it will be?

Your only as good as your next fight. I believe maturity and confidence outside the cage is really important, and the ability to bring them in there with me will be key.

Lots of Southeast fans come out to see you do battle. Is that a lot of pressure or is it more like fuel for you to be on game and at your best?

The pressure definitely comes from myself, and the friends, family, and fans bring the fuel.

Who are some of your biggest inspirations that keep you fighting and training?

Honestly, myself.you have to be your own motivation and inspiration in this crazy sport. But without the support of my wife I would never be able to do this. Between the training and dieting you become obsessed. It takes a special person to have your back and put up with me. So here’s to her and my son.

What do you think surprises your opponents most about you when the bell rings and it’s time to throw down?

Punches, kicks, takedowns they will all be surprising.

Thanks as always Jason, and tell these fans why they have to be IN House for Conflict 46, going down THIS weekend in Hardeeville, SC!

We stand during the the National Anthem. No politics, Just fights. Thank you see you guys there! Thanks Eric, you’re the man!

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