Sneak Peek: Conflict 43 plus Friday Night Boxing

It’s April, and the Conflict fans are hungry for the promotions first fight card of the year. With so many big changes and expansions going on behind the scenes, it is no wonder Conflict has been on a bit of a hiatus. With ten to fifteen cards a year for a few years straight in the sails, Conflict decided to focus on upgrading the entire fight night experience that fans all over the Southeast have come to know and trust.

And it only gets better from here!

Not only will C43 go down Saturday June, 24th, but the promotion will also be hosting a studded night of boxing on Friday night! That’s right, two events back-to-back on the same weekend. You can come down for boxing on the 23rd, and then catch C43 the very next night. It’s a double line-up that is guaranteed to kick off an entire 2017 of intense pro action!

With a whole array of updates and big news right around the corner, Conflict also drops a poster for it’s first fight card out the gate in 2017! Returning to the Jamil Shrine Temple in South Carolina, we expect huge things from this event and everything Conflict will be doing for the remainder of the year. Expect April and May to begin the news, talk, information and hype that will no doubt light up as we start to close in on June 24th; the return of Conflict MMA!



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