The Rematch: Cavin Sunkins talks Conflict 46

Conflict MMA and The Music Vault have a long history of bringing pure fire to fight nights with the Fight Club Series. Home to some of the best amateur bouts in the Southeast, the series relentlessly hits with killer fights, fireball newcomers and instant classics. Hardeeville has become the meeting grounds of an incredible amount of Georgia and Carolina fighters, and Conflict 46 looks to bring it once more.

Headlining the October 14th card is an epic rematch of Cavin Sunkins and Josh Cumbee. Believe it or not, the two fought at the last Conflict event; putting on what was no doubt one of the most explosive fights of 2017 inside the Conflict cage. The slugfest was such a fight that Sunkins and Cumbee are BACK at C46 to once more go toe-to-toe for Southeast MMA fans. If we know anything about these two, lightning will strike twice come fight night!

Join us today with an exclusive chat with one half of this fire combo, Cavin Sunkins. If you haven’t seen it already, check out this awesome C46 VIDEO! You can catch also the full fight card HERE. Be sure to grab those tickets and meet us at Alibi’s in Rincon, GA on OCT 13th @6:30 for public weigh-ins, and of course enjoy an incredible night of fights the following night at The Music Vault!

C46 Exclusive: Cavin Sunkins


R Eric Ellison: First off, always great to sit down with the Don, especially when he has a big fight coming up. How have you been?

Cavin Sunkins: I’ve been good bro bro, and this fight camp is going perfect.

Now, this rematch is very interesting in that you two literally fought each other at the last Conflict event. What were your thoughts on the last fight?

Oh man, big banger that fight! There was an experience threshold that had to breakthrough, but for me, I just didn’t do enough to capitalize on key situations.

What did you think when the promotion came to you with a shot at an immediate rematch?

Haha, if there was rematch to be had, hell even I would choose this one! Plus, I always wanted stage time for a Fight Club Series.

The first fight at C45 was a big, banging stand up war. The fight was close and both of you had moments where it seemed like a finish was coming. What do you think will be the big difference for you this time?

This time’s nothing different, man. I’m just gonna pick more shots to capitalize any special combos that I become aware of.

Granted, both of you have had very little time to make major adjustments, but do you feel you came away from the first fight with enough knowledge about Cumbee in the cage to create a winning strategy?

Most def.. I like to think I have a huge learning curve that gives me plenty of opportunities to showcase my skills and get that W.

As I said earlier, the fight was pretty close. Obviously getting the chance to get a win over an opponent who beat you is fantastic motivation. My question is, is that or what is the greatest motivation for you to get in there and finish it?

I feel like my first motivation was learning. Once that came to me it changed to pure fun. Now I’m getting a vibe of seriousness for preparation to and for some next level ish!

As always, we would love to hear about your team and everyone helping you prepare for this fight.

I’ve got an outstanding team (per the norm) catalogued for this production. Lots of fun mixed wit precision tactics from Jacob and Kobe… Plus man, Nico at Title Boxing shoving these hard nose drills down my throat.

What do you expect from Cumbee on OCT 14TH?

Nothing less than another amazing fight like the last one. These kind of rematches don’t go down for no reason!

We thank you so much for sitting down with us, and we cannot wait for this colossal and unique rematch! The first fight was an absolute war. Tell these fans why THEY cannot miss this incredible bout going down at C46!

Because it’s a Fight Club Series baby.. if our fans only know one thing about us we can totes put on a show!! Thanks for the talk my guy always a pleasure.

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