The Rematch: Josh Cumbee talks CONFLICT 46


Ever since Josh Cumbee and Cavin Sunkins threw down at Conflict 45, fans have been talking about the pair of heavy handed Southeast warriors. Conflict MMA, always listening to the fans and the region, jumped at the opportunity to host a rematch on their next Fight Club Series event, going down at The Music Vault on October 14th! The entire fight card is stacked with staple grappling, Muay Thai and MMA representing some of the best amateur fighters coming up the ranks in the Southeast. All this capped off by a once-more war between the fiery Sunkins and explosive Josh Cumbee guarantees another classic and unmissable Conflict fight night!

Join us today with an exclusive chat with one half of this fire combo, and winner of the first match, Joshua Cumbee. If you haven’t seen it already, check out this awesome C46 VIDEO! You can catch also the full fight card HERE. Be sure to grab those tickets and meet us at Alibi’s in Rincon, GA on OCT 13th @6:30 for public weigh-ins, and of course enjoy an incredible night of fights the following night at The Music Vault!



R Eric Ellison: First off, how exciting to see this rematch happen so fast! What were your thoughts when Conflict came and said they wanted one more go at what was an epic war from C45?

Joshua Cumbee: My thoughts at first were, being an amatuer I want to see as many different fighters and techniques as possible…so why do a rematch? But then I got to thinking and came around to it. I like to fight in wars and the first one was an absolutely one, so I’m definitely looking forward to the rematch now!

Now you won the first fight. Given that you recently fought Cavin mere weeks ago, do you think you’ll be able to make the right adjustments to be even more impressive?

I feel that in these few weeks I’ve been training that I’m a totally different fighter than in the first fight. I have so much to learn in the fight game; with it being early in my career every fight I feel better and better. And this was absolutely by far my best fight camp yet.

What surprised you most about Cavin in the first fight?

That guy can take a hit and give one back. He took some strong punches from me and returned quite a few. That’s what made it such a war!

We’re there any moments during all the heavy hands that you thought he was done or you yourself may be?

I dropped him with a straight left the second round and thought it was over for a second, other than that moment no others. Nobody was giving an inch that night!

I know a lot more people will have their eyes on this rematch given how the first fight went. Is there any pressure to win again? Do you feel you learned enough to amp up the W?

No pressure at all. I don’t let others control my mind set for any fight. Every fight I go in there to do one thing and that’s get my hand raised. Whether it be a rematch or a regular fight doesn’t matter to me brother. I’m just there to get my W.

Obviously Sunkins will take everything he experienced in the first fight and utilize that to get the W this go around. Do you think any adjustments he makes will help, or do you just have his “number” in the cage?

Adjustments are part of the fight game. I expect him to make his and me make mine, and go from there. As I said before, I’m a totally different fighter than the first fight. More complete than the man he fought last time.

We would love to hear about your training, camp, sponsors and partners getting you ready for OCT 14TH?

Team Cumbee and Team Collum have joined together and I really feel like it’s the best place for me right now. Robbie has done wonders for me. Before him I’ve never had an actual coach, so my technique and style was a little wild. Piece by piece, he’s helping me get to where I need to be. Him, Rob and Jamie are awesome to work with. My team mate Jason Screen has helped wonders also. TFC is my home away from home for sure.

I have a feeling we are going to see a very precise stand up war, but I’m just a fan. What do you expect from this killer rematch when it all goes down?

Nothing less than an all out war between me and Cavin. Guns blazing. It’s gonna be fun. I expect to take big shots as I’m sure he does. You don’t wanna miss it if you’re an MMA fan!

Bottom line; what are you most excited about for this second go with Sunkins?

Just the opportunity to get back in there and fight again, mainly. Just expect a FIGHT! 

Well, thank you so much for joining us today. Let these Conflict fans know why they need to be IN HOUSE or tuned in via FLOCombat on OCT 14TH for this fight!

Come out and join amatuer MMA at its finest October 14th at The Music Vault. Of course show your support at Alibis in Rincon for public weight ins Friday night, October 13th. Thanks for the interview brother! God Bless.

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