Title Talk: Going All in with Charleston Pou

Conflict 46 has been the talk of Southeast MMA since it was announced as the promotions 2017 October event. A lot of interesting matches are headed to The Music Vault for the latest Fight Club Series special, including one of the best rematches of the year between Josh Cumbee and Cavin Sunkins. If that wasn’t enough for these rabid fans, we also have the Conflict bantamweight title on the line in the Main Event; a vicious showdown between Charleston Pou and Sean Peregoy!

All week we have been dropping exclusive articles, radio and interviews with the cast of C46, and with weigh-ins going down tonight at Alibi’s in Rincon, GA, it was the perfect time to bring you guys a great one with Main Event headliner Charleston Pou! That’s right, get those tickets in hand and meet us tonight and tomorrow night for a Conflict weekend you’ll never forget! Hear what Pou has to say before the cage closes and another Southeast title is up for grabs!





Back in action again this year is my man Charleston Pou. I appreciate you on today, let’s jump right in. How are you, and how has camp been for Saturday’s fights?

I’m doing great! Camp is going amazing, [I’m in]best shape of my life and absolutely ready for war!

You’re back in the Conflict cage at C46. You’re coming in off a wild title win a few months back in Myrtle Beach. Anything special about stepping back in for this title with Conflict?

My last fight was my first title win, and I’m thrilled. I’ve been chasing the Conflict belt for a while, and it’s time to add this one to the wall!

To me, you’re one of those guys that can go in there and take anything, dish it back and keep on coming. Tenacious and relentless in there, but is there anything you plan to showcase in particular this time around?

I’ve been working super hard on evolving my game. You and all the fans will see a whole new monster on Saturday!

I think you have a fantastic opponent this time around, and a real test for you both. What are you expecting, and how do you plan to deal with that?

Yea, from what I see he is a super game opponent. I love fighting the best to test my skills to the fullest. I couldn’t be more excited about this !

Fight Club Series and Conflict are always proud to give new fighters opportunities to fight. Being so deep into this side of your MMA career, what advice would you give to those hungry guys and gals preparing for or contemplating stepping into the cage?

New fighters; don’t think just do ! Have fun fighting! That is the easiest part for me, I love it. There is no other feeling in the world like it feels to win.

With everyone so excited for Saturday night at The Music Vault, I’m wondering what got you started competing as a Mixed Martial Artist?

I’ve always been a fighter, my whole life. Then I found MMA. Without a doubt it saved my life, you know? Gave me purpose…nothing like getting locked in a cage with other guy to see who you really are and can be.

If you could have one super power, what would you pick and why?

Super Saiyen, dude! Believe me, who wouldn’t want to be like Goku?

Not to look past your opponent, but how has 2017 been for you as a fighter, and what are your hopes for 2018?

2017 has been the best year yet. All around, man. Best training at ATT Lowcountry, best coaches ! 2018 will be mine, and I’m more than ready for whatever God brings me

Thank you for this awesome interview! All that’s left now is to tell these Southeast fans why they absolutely must be IN House for Conflict 46 this weekend in Hardeeville, SC!

Titles, rematches, wars, slugfests…even some Muay Thai. C46 is going to be a full night of awesome fights, including this sick Main Event! If you’re a fan in the area, there’s only one place to be Saturday night; with us at The Music Vault!



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