Title Tuesday: James Dunn talks Title bout at ‘When Worlds Collide’

When Worlds Collide‘ brings some of the best of Conflict MMA and Valor Fights into the same cage for an unforgettable night of action THIS Saturday night in Rome, GA. With a stacked Pro card filled with some of the regions most elite, and an ammy card dotted with blazing up-and-coming fighters, Saturday night is slated to be one of the best Southeast MMA events of 2017. Topping this off with title fights on both sides, Conflict and Valor are bringing the heat to Rome in a way that will surely be remembered for years to come.

Capping of the top of the amateur side of ‘When Worlds Collide‘ is a fantastic Lightweight title bout between Renaissance Academy’s James Dunn (3-1) and Warner Robbins, GA own Homer Mangram (5-1). Both fighters are no stranger to the Conflict and Valor fight scene, and each has had their hands raised in the very cage they will clash in this Saturday night.

Enjoy this exclusive with Dunn, and be sure to check back every day this week as we celebrate Fight Week with our newest series’! Of course, grab those tickets for ‘When Worlds Collide’ HERE and for those who cannot make the show, don’t miss it live at FLOcombat!

JAMES DUNN  – Lightweight Title Bout

R Eric Ellison: Let’s get right down to it with these five hard hitting questions! What do you think is the biggest advantage you have in this fight? What’s going to make the difference?

James Dunn: The biggest advantage I have is I’m a monster from everywhere! July 22nd I will be Homers worst nightmare. I’m not a fun fight for anyone within this division and I’m the KING of it! My hard work and dedication to myself as a martial artist is going to make all the difference, the fact that I’m well rounded which in result gives me power everywhere.

What should fans expect when that cage door closes?

The fans should expect to witness history as I KO/Submit Homer within 3 rounds, the KING of the 145lbs division is here!

Is there anywhere you feel your opponent is weaker or superior to you?

No! I feel “I am cocky in my prediction, confident in preparation and humble in VICTORY or defeat” just as McGregor has said. This is my fight and thats my belt! Simple as that. Saturday night Conflict MMA and Valor Fights will get one hell of a show!

How has fight camp been, and what are some of the biggest improvements you’ve seen? We would also love to hear about your team and where you train!

I train out of Renaissance Academy of Martial Arts in Lynchburg VA, if you’re ever in the area stop in and take a class or come train! Fight Camp has only changed a little bit. I recently moved back to VA and secluded myself so I could focus more. I got away from fake shitty people and back to my roots. Such is life though, happens to the best of us. This camp wraps up in less then a week and let me tell you by far its been the hardest camp yet. I have seen many improvements and if you’d like to see then tune in July 22nd as I obtain the 145lbs Title!

Also, this camp would not be possible without my God, Team RAM, Roufusport, family & friends that have supported me by doing everything in their power to help, encourage and push me.

What will a win on July 22 in Rome, GA mean to you?

When I win Saturday July 22nd and obtain the 145lbs Conflict title it only means one thing, I’M THE REAL DEAL, I’M THE CHAMP, so deal with it or come try and take it from me!

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