When Worlds Collide: Mark Trader VS Jonathan Vinyard

It’s Fight Week, and that means Conflict MMA and Valor Fights will be bringing you exclusive interviews all week as we count down to this Saturday nights incredible card in Rome, GA!

Welcome to our new ‘Versus’ column, where we ask fighters set to face one another the same five questions and then compare them for the fans! Today, we take a look at MARK TRADER vs JONATHAN VINYARD, a hell of a lightweight bout between two promising Pro fighters. These two promise to bring those July fireworks this weekend, and if their past fights are any indication, that promise will be easily kept!

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Let’s get right down to it with these five hard hitting questions! What do you think is the biggest advantage you have in this fight? What’s going to make the difference?

Mark Trader: My preparation will be the biggest advantage I have. Having world class coaching and training partners at my disposal have taken my game to the next level.

Jonathan Vinyard: I don’t think I have any kind of advantage. I know I can fight, so I hope he can too!

What should fans expect when that cage door closes?

Mark Trader: I want to show people a crafty, cunning fighter who’s dangerous in every range of combat. Clean strikes, crisp counters and intellegent ground game will be put on display next Saturday.

Jonathan Vinyard: The fans should expect a fight that’s worth paying for a ticket to see the show. You will not be disappointed!

Is there anywhere you feel your opponent is weaker or superior to you?

Mark Trader: Jonathan is a solid opponent with a lot of experience. That being said, I feel like I hold the advantage at every range and discipline. He has a solid ground game and good strikes, but in the end the very techniques he thinks will bring him victory, will be his undoing.

Jonathan Vinyard: I am a Royce Gracie Brown belt, my jiu jitsu is always on point. This I am confident in!

How has fight camp been, and what are some of the biggest improvements you’ve seen? We would also love to hear about your team and where you train!

Mark Trader: Funny the big difference was the manner in which I carry myself after my last fight. My last fight I felt fantastic but I had just moved to a new camp and you never know how that will equate until you put yourself out there. I knew my training in striking, grappling, and my strength and conditioning were the highest they had ever been but I still needed tangible results to gauge myself. I feel I showed a world class skill and a diverse range of defensive and offensive abilities in the cage. After that fight my confidence was soaring and it reflected in the following camp for this fight. The uncertainty had faded and given way to new confidence and belief in myself that has me even more focused and driven. We have a unreal amount of talent at Gym-O. We have a Muay Thai champion and UFC fighter, a Bellator fighter, a Rizin fighter and a whole slew of young driven guys who are after world championships. Not to mention we have the best coach in the world. I truly feel that I’m at the best possible place for my growth as a fighter.

Jonathan Vinyard: Fight camp has been awesome this go round. I own my gym so there is no excuse whatsoever not to be in tremendous shape! We train at Patriot MMA in a little mountain town called Chatsworth, Georgia. We aren’t a team, we’re a family!

What will a win on July 22 in Rome, GA mean to you?

Mark Trader: It’s another step towards my goals. Mastery of martial arts is the complete comprehension of all techniques and I want to show people I’m becoming adept in my craft.

Jonathan Vineyard: A win means everything. What am I going to look like as a head coach losing a fight in front of all my students ! Not happening !! I AM READY FOR A FIGHT, POINT BLANK. If he’s not, oh well…not my problem!! See y’all next Saturday! #weready #patriotmma

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